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Hello. Welcome to the online home of Best Stop Recording and Duplicating, Your place for all your recording and duplication of your every project needs whether a demo or full CD project, We are very competitive and professional, we do quality work for you,  you will be satisfied with your project, with our many years of experience we offer you quality, our turn around for finishing your project is timely. We know your time is valuable to you like ours is to us. Let us do your recording and duplication  

A full service company

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Have you been searching for the place you can get that dream CD made? have you checked the other guys prices? We are here to help you with your need and at a very affordable price, we offer you our many years of experience to bring you the best quality in recording, you deserve the best but don't deserve to pay a lot more than what it is worth to get it done, here you get the best quality and service and at a timely manner. 

Colonel Eric Lewis has been in the music business for 60 years, he has many years of music experience, he has the knowlege and expertise in recording, mixing and mastering. We are a professional music recording and duplicating of your music project, we record any genre of music,